«Unsolved Secrets of the War of Artsakh» In the program «Intimate Heart-To-Heart Talk»

Semyon Pegov is not just a journalist, but a man who risks his life in combat for the truth. Only to us he will share facts from the epicentre of the Artsakh war.

Semyon graduated from Waldorf school in Smolensk and the Faculty of Philology in Smolensk State University
in the specialty of «journalism». In Smolensk he worked as a television journalist of the Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company

, then he left his native town. Pegov left his native Smolensk at 23. He went to Abkhazia to work on a local TV channel. And he got into a war zone: terrorist attacks, hostage-taking, border clashes with Georgia, grenade attacks on the president. Then there were Egypt and Syria: the fighting of army and «Brothers of Muslims», bombing, whistling of homemade mines in Damascus, tank salvos in mountain Latakia – a business trip was long, a whole life in war. He won the nomination «Man of the Year» from a large holding of Newsmedia. He was published in Russian almanacs «Under Clocks», «Person» and «Contemporaries». Laureate of the Pushkin festival «With a century on the same footing»-2008. Participant of the Forum of Young Writers «Lipki-2011».

Dear friends, I am waiting for you in my program to spread the good message in the world. In this extraordinary period of life, where the hegemony of anger and the propaganda of war are stronger than the truth. Peace in your hearts, peace in your soul. Amen