«Artsakh and its Consequences» In the program «Intimate Heart-To-Heart Talk»

Political scientist, Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor of Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Born in 1984 in Tashkent, graduated in 2004 from Kuban State University in specialty «International relations». Honours degree. He defended his thesis at the USA and Canada Institute RAS. Thesis Topic: «US policy towards North Korea under U. Clinton and J. Bush-Jr.». From 2005 to 2016 he worked at the Institute of USA and Canada RAS. Since 2007 the correspondent of the World Policy Department of the journal «Expert». More than 1,200 publications in the media. Regular participation in international scientific and practical conferences. Writes papers and articles on a wide range of subjects. The highest priorities are East Asia, the Middle East and the United States.

Dear friends, I am waiting for you in my program to spread the good message in the world. In this extraordinary period of life, where the hegemony of anger and the propaganda of war are stronger than the truth. Peace in your hearts, peace in your soul. Amen